Flash Video Downloader


Popular Video Downloader. Downloads most popular media formats like flash, videos, audios etc.. Download videos and flash videos from 99% of websites. No special skills needed.
Please note that Flash Video Downloader isn’t responsible for media content which you download. We suggest to check first media copyright permissions before downloading video files.The download of YouTube videos to hard drive is locked because of restrictions of the Chrome Store.
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uBlock Plus


The best adblocking extension for Google Chrome. Install Now.
This is the fastest and best adblocker you will find for Google Chrome.

Usage: The big power button in the popup is to permanently disable/enable uBlock Origin for the current web site. It applies to the current web site only, it is not a global power button.

This is a fork of Adblock Pro & uBlock Origin. We use this code under GPL and removed tracking and added some filters. Read More